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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas assistance: I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/7/14, When I started thinking about

MzRisaR started this conversation
I need help DEPERATELY--- Its 12/7/14, When I started thinking about writing this.. I need financial assistance, I have kids and I am a fulltime student who does NOT receive public assistance I just got cut off right before Thanksgiving and with Christmas just around the corner I do NOT have this kind of money at all--- I barely make it month to month and I have called 211 looking for ANY TYPE of ASSISTANCE and to no avail have I found ANYTHING--I'm very STRESSED and do nothing but be depressed and cry, I don't tell my children what is happening right now cause this is an adult worry... UGH... PLEASE SOMEONE.. ANYONE... If you can HELP in anyway: financial or information, I appreciate anything right now... PLEASE I am asking that you contact me to let me know either way if you can assist me. IF you need or want a list of what they would like, I can provide them. My email is INCLUDED HERE so please we are struggling financially we just can't do it my daughter has found a job but has yet to start even trying to help when she can-- I have also started to look but don't know where I will fit it in, but the 2 older ones they both WANT to HELP, I DO UNDERSTAND that the financial situations of our economy is making employment hard to find and get, but we are trying. I used to only get $236 a month from food assistance and my disability goes to both rent and bills so I'm broke even by the time I get what I get each month. I am grateful but I know it is NOT enough-- I really do need the help, I am currently working on my education and hoping that my new year 2015 has something waiting for me to better my life cause I'm jumping in head first at the opportunity to do it. I do appreciate any and all help that I am able to receive.

I'm going to change my future.. I do not want to have this every end of the year to me-- I always say this and darn it what else is there for me to do when I'm working on it.... What am I doing wrong to have this happen to me?? Uuugh-- reeeeally...
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